Woodworking is an art of constructing furniture using solid wood, plywood, block board other boards. Wood was one of the first materials worked by early human being. Woodworking in Nepal has been flourishing science the early years of Licchavi Period (300-870 A.D.) Woodworking in Nepal has been scattered all over the country, but it seems to flourishing in Lalitpur district of Nepal.

Training of woodworking in BTI is giving from the inception of this Institute. Butwal Technical Institute offer following courses in woodworking.

  1. Junior Wood Technician (24 months)
  2. Furniture Maker (180 to 390 hrs)


Among total demand of furniture in Nepalese market i.e. 5000 million, only 25-percentage furniture produced, within the country and remaining 75 percentage of furniture imported from China and India. Currently Nepalese furniture maker needs 60 thousand employees. Thus, both in business and in job this sector secures bright future.